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  1. Thank you for this response, it clears everything up really well and hopefully things take a turn for the better soon as you guys are obviously more than competent and I can only imagine the challenge it must bring to be running multiple cheats all for games with high tier anti cheats especially while having those ac developers monitor your forums etc. I'll definently stick around despite the review probably coming off quite disrespectful and I would love to see where you guys go in the future.
  2. I am only speaking from my experience, this cheat may have been better 'back in the day' but in the month give or take I have had this cheat, it has not lived up to my expectations THIS CHEAT IS NOT STREAM PROOF DESPITE WHAT IT SAYS Staff acknowledge this, however refuse to take this off their main page despite it being a main selling point. THIS CHEAT GETS DETECTED Don't inject this cheat on your main thinking you will remain undetected just because you use very insignificant features, injecting this cheat at all puts you at a risk especially because of the security issues it has been facing lately. Other cheats experience this but it was worth pointing out for someone looking to legit cheat. LOTS OF DOWN TIME Yet again this cheat is down, faceless is saying it is going to be back very soon but that's what he said when it went down for a couple of weeks last time. In the 30 day subscription I purchased I have been unable to use the hwid spoofer and cheat for weeks. The staff are also a very big issue when in regards to this which you will see in my next point. UNRELIABLE STAFF Staff seemingly pull reasons out of their ass in regards to why the cheat is experiencing downtime, today me and other users experienced staff making up several different reasons as to why the cheat is down which is unbelievable, none of them seem to be on the same page and it is so unprofessional. Not to mention eta's are strictly prohibited and you have to pay for a HWID reset which really just proves how lazy their staff are, can't even be bothered to have a hwid reset request system like literally every other provider. UPDATE FREQUENCY The update frequency is horrible, 99% of the time it is just a hotfix or slight change to a pre existing feature. They promise many features on their request page yet some even as simple as a crosshair never see the light of day. Also out of all of those random hotfixes you think this cheat would be bug free for the most part but you could not be further from the truth. In the short time I could use this I experienced frequent blue screens and crashes in dead by daylight. A majority of the features that do not get you instantly banned do work but I'd need several hands to count how many issues there are.
  3. fuck are you talking about when you say cheese
  4. it was not obvious at all lmao barely anyone legit cheats in this game people would just think it was a visual bug @cameron8786
  5. it doesn't matter what virtualization you have the cheat is down cause it is detected afaik
  6. Not sure but I can say I've lost alot getting banned on accounts I didn't even cheat on due to chods
  7. Yea, how much worth of stuff did you lose?
  8. Yeah, quite unfortunate I lost a dead by daylight account I had legacy legit on just because I cheated on another alt, different hwid and all
  9. I'm pretty sure alot of the cheats like tarkov/apex have been detected for a while not just some ban wave
  10. They are detected afaik