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  1. my original discord is !jay#0001 I join back back in September. Two weeks ago my discord was disabled, I tried many times to speak to discord support to gain access back to my account but after speaking with them about it for almost a week and half I finally just accept I will never get it back. I lost all my friends, contacts and servers I was in. I made a new discord which is !jay#6666 I have been trying to get back into your discord server but it wont let me. I keep getting denied. preview 1 and preview 2 . would appreciate if you can send me a invite to my new dis
  2. Name of the game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Engine: AnvilNext 2.0 Why: It's fun. Oudated but many people still plays it. Not many cheat providers have it on their list. plus it would bring in a lot of new users to the community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hJcj5bvh24
  3. I have been using it for the past 3 days and its amazing. The menu layout is simple and nice. Aimbot is 10/10 and Esp is 10/10, I have no issues with both features and it was easy to find a good setting that made my gameplay look legit. It's safe, undetected and I enjoying using it on my main account. I don't get any crashes and errors, I can play the game for a long period of time with cheats on. In my opinion this is the best paladins cheat up to date. Thank you Chod's Cheats staffs and dev's for providing us with this great paladins cheat.
  4. first time using the cheetos on paladins. i see big logo on the left side of my screen ingame but i don't see the options layout or know the commands to change setting. can someone please tell me what it is, thanks.