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  1. Me and my friend made scripts ourselves as well, they were decent not going to try tho if i will get banned from them. But my friend got game banned when he used "Vendor" scripts. So something is going on, not sure if its just the bigger scripts that are more in use or can you actually get detected from your own scripts. And like i said not going to test it, not at least with my main steam account
  2. It seems that rust has stepped up on scripters and most scripts lead to a ban at the moment. Just a heads up for the guys here if you are using scripts or were going to.
  3. I assume its working all right now ? and if you haven't disabled the win10 gaming overlay, you should. Causes many issues with games down the line.
  4. I just put walls so i shows everything within 100-200m so encounters look and feel more natural but it helps during combat, blocking enemy flanks and such. Never have been banned yet. Oh and i played even when the cheese was down. faired almost the same, and that's what i will prolly do when its up again.
  5. @MajorScoreKaj69 You will get your lost time back, if you won't get it back automatically, make an support ticket
  6. When cheesing in any game you should already know it isn't 100% safe, if you are afraid of getting banned don't cheese. But at least for me this site is THE SITE if i am going buy/use anything. Basically only site that i trust is this site, prices are reasonable for the effort they put in, most of other providers are more expensive and not as close in safety or in the quality that they offer. Ofc you believe in what you want to believe in, not going to bash you on that, just saying that if you don't like what chod's can offer i don't think anyone here will try to stop you from changing provide
  7. Been enjoying EFT without the additional help, but keen on trying out the reformed cheese. Making progress a little more faster seems that the community has grown quite a bit while i was away but happy to see the staff is almost the same. Keep up the good work
  8. In EFT its not all in aim or spray control, using your head is a must. You need to know when to push and when to wait for the other person to tire from waiting and push you, to give you an easy one. For myself i already know when to back off or move to different location when in combat, comes from my time spent on Arma 3. Never peek same corner more than twice, displacement (move if you can) back off if the location doesn't feel comfortable, live to fight again. Also sometimes just stay still for a second and gather your surroundings, listen for footsteps or bushes etc. Learn the map
  9. I somehow forgot to add Game of thrones 😨
  10. Put down your favorite movies / series Anime too if you watch any. 🖐️ Anime : Hunter x Hunter or Gate, would be my choice if i needed to pick one. Movies: - Lord of the rings, all of them are awesome. - StarWars of course. - Saving private Ryan, its a masterpiece. - Enemy at the gates. - Pirates of the Caribbean - Bright - Battleship - Flags of our Fathers - Korengal - Only The Dead - Restrepo Series: - StarWars the clone wars, A childhood classic - Altered Carbon - Punisher
  11. Trap, Drum n bass, House, Future house, HARDSTYLE mostly
  12. I would say: EDM: Wide variety of artists Heavy metal/Trash metal: Metallica, Five finger death punch, Anthrax, Sabaton. POP (local)