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  1. Welcome to chods and were happy to have you here with us !
  2. hello friend and welcome to the community hope you enjoy your time here
  3. welcome my friend i hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Hello its kinda a bit late for this but i guess why not do it right? , anyways i joined a month ago you guys can call me Nafy and its nice to meet you all and i hope we have an awesome time together in here i am glad to be here between you guys in this awesome community and i am having fun so far thank you to whoever read this and have a nice day 🖤💜💛
  5. really nice video the last guy was an asshole he betrayed the wiggle
  6. hmm looks decent you need to rework your looting speed and peeks and since your using aimbot you dont need to spray that much just tap if they dont know where you are not trying to make you look bad just some advice for the future
  7. making an unfriendly other hacker waste all his mosin shots trying to aimbot me then noclip to him and hatchet him in the face