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  1. PLAYERITEMS Escape from Tarkov In-game Items! Website: Features: - 20 plus products - Low prices - High quantities - Fast deliveries - Product bundling We are a business that values: - Satisfaction, integrity and ethical values - Product quality and reliability - Commitment to clients and deadlines - Direct, open, and honest communication - Developer interaction and transparency - Continual self-improvement and self-renewal F.A.Q. HOW ARE MY ITEMS DELIVERED? All items are delivered through the In-game Flea Market or through online raids. HOW DOES THE DELIVERY WORK? After your purchase is complete, you will need to create a listing for the purchased item(s) on the flea market in exchange for an inexpensive item. (e.g. AI-2 Medkit for ₽1,000,000 Roubles) We will then purchase the item as soon as possible, along with the fee for the listing. -- Always within 1-24 hours. WHAT IS THE TYPICAL DELIVERY TIME? As mentioned above the typical delivery time is within 1-24 hours. DO YOU PROVIDE REFUNDS? We do NOT provide refunds. However, we try to take each issue case by case. If you feel as if something is wrong, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. CAN I SELL YOU ITEMS? Yes, but this varies from offer to offer. If you are interested in selling us items-preferably in bulk-contact us through *Removed* FOR MORE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, JOIN OUR DISCORD *Removed*
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the reply!
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    Welcome! No doubt you'll love it here!
  4. Happy New Year! Make 2019 a memorable one!
  5. I haven't used the cheat in a while. I noticed that in the description for the cheat, that HWID spoofing has been crossed out. I'm assuming that you can get Hardware bans now? Is this case? I just want to make sure before getting back into it. Thanks and a Happy New Years!
  6. Paxir

    Happy new year <3

    Happy New Year to you too! Have a great 2019!
  7. This is very effective!
  8. I'll have to do this as well. Been looking to purchase!
  9. Garry's mod needs Chod's special touch. Other websites are lacking in the Garry's Mod department. Me and a few other people I know would buy a subscription so fast. Does anyone else feel the same way?