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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, I'm currently selling any and all items and eft, i dont have a price set on everything but we can negotiate a price for sure. Highlights of things i have are Red keycards, Thicc cases, sicc cases and any key along plenty of roubles. I also am willing to boost you through runs to complete tasks and what not for a price. For a listing of some prices i charge 1.5$ USD for 1mil. 30$ for a red keycard. 16$ for thicc icase 7.50$ for thicc weapon case 5$ for a sicc case Depending on what you're buying and how much you're spending a discount can potentially be negotiated. I've been apart of this community for a minute now, since July of 2018 while everyone waits for the EFT cheese to return to chods id like to offer yall the ability to still get ahead in the game for a price ?. For any and all information either pm me on this site or contact me on discord. OG | LordSmitty#8791
  2. PLAYERITEMS Escape from Tarkov In-game Items! Website: https://shoppy.gg/@PlayerItems Features: - 20 plus products - Low prices - High quantities - Fast deliveries - Product bundling We are a business that values: - Satisfaction, integrity and ethical values - Product quality and reliability - Commitment to clients and deadlines - Direct, open, and honest communication - Developer interaction and transparency - Continual self-improvement and self-renewal F.A.Q. HOW ARE MY ITEMS DELIVERED? All items are delivered through the In-game Flea Market or through online raids. HOW DOES THE DELIVERY WORK? After your purchase is complete, you will need to create a listing for the purchased item(s) on the flea market in exchange for an inexpensive item. (e.g. AI-2 Medkit for ₽1,000,000 Roubles) We will then purchase the item as soon as possible, along with the fee for the listing. -- Always within 1-24 hours. WHAT IS THE TYPICAL DELIVERY TIME? As mentioned above the typical delivery time is within 1-24 hours. DO YOU PROVIDE REFUNDS? We do NOT provide refunds. However, we try to take each issue case by case. If you feel as if something is wrong, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. CAN I SELL YOU ITEMS? Yes, but this varies from offer to offer. If you are interested in selling us items-preferably in bulk-contact us through *Removed* FOR MORE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, JOIN OUR DISCORD *Removed*
  3. Hey guys, one week using the cheese for escape from tarkov, only good feelings, no lag and very smooth feature Just one thing i'm wondering is, can you filter the item "car battery" in your raid? Because i'm trying in game to searh car battery in the visual filter and it do not seem to appear.... Can someone help about this or tell me if i'm wrong and the name of the item is different in the filter. Thanks for ya help, best regards Alf
  4. 3.6M Roubles + Money Case = 5$ Money Case- 1$ Roubles 1kk- 1.2 $ Roubles 10kk- 12 $ 10k Euro/Dollars - 2$ Bitcoin - 0.5$ 10x Bitcoin - 3.5$ if you buy more than 30 million roubles i make discount If you need something special(keys, cases, wallets) write me in discord about it!!! ___________________________ mail- [email protected] Discord- PRO1004nDRUha#8079
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