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  1. From now on, I'm providing EFT Accounts for cheap prices. Simple method and nothing special needed besides you need to make an account urself and send me the payment trough either paypal or btc. Pricing: Normal Edition: 32$ EOD: 99$ If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can purchase/contact me on my discord server which I recently opened. Regards Viggzd/Rowed
  2. I'm also Swedish I pm'd you and added your discord if you're still interested. I can give you certain personal information if that makes it safer for you to do the trade.
  3. Headset: HyperX Cloud 2 Keyboard: used to have a Razed Blackwidow but slammed it to death yesterday so now SteelSeries 6gv2 Mouse: Xtrfy m2 Mousepad: SteelSeries HyperBeast Edition Monitors: 2, 27” 60hz (144hz soonTM)
  4. Viggzd

    Noah :^)

    Yo mah dude, welcome to chods :D
  5. I'm using the Cod cheat on my main account. Not using the CS:GO cheat tho :/
  6. Already enjoying them fully :D
  7. Yo, So I've been a member on the forum for quiet sometime but never really tried out the cheats so I guess it's time. I've worked on some different forums before so some people might recognize my name in the cheating scene and some might not. There is not much special to say about me really, I come from Sweden and do basically nothing besides cheating in all types of games LUL.
  8. Viggzd


    Where can you add account balance? I can't seem to find it. My only option is paypal sadly :(
  9. Viggzd

    CS:GO Streaming Addon

    Now I found out you guys don't take paypal, Anyway for you guys to support it?
  10. Viggzd

    CS:GO Streaming Addon

    Nvm found a thread about this. Buying the cheat and trying it out ;)