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  1. AFAIK EAC is stronger than BE right now, due to additional funds that came when EAC got bought by Epic Games. Hyped for the new EFT Cheese though, think I got to go back to EFT then
  2. Guys, coding a Framework + bringing back all the Cheats from SCRATCH is not a task that is done within a couple of hours. Then also, the AC Devs are working constantly on updating their Detectionmechanics, which Chod has to Bypass. That's like the fight of David vs Goliath. I am also very hyped for the new stuff and a bit tired of waiting for it, but I know that Chod will come back stronger than ever before. I'm here since a few years and also have been a loyal customer at his old project (EA in case anyone still knows it) and have always been very satisfied with his work.
  3. Chods after all this time still 10/10 provider. I'm impressed. Thank you for your work !
  4. Hey guys, as i wanted to know, do you guys sometimes feel too strong while using Aimbot + RCS (on very legit settings), espacially in spraydowns? Because i sometimes do feel too strong and unlegit even tho i didnt got called out once. You know like, that youself cant belive what Chods just did there and feel very suspicious even tho it was a "legit" move with legit settings? I dont really know how to express it. Maybe someone knows what i mean and can describe it better and share his opinion. Regards