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WTS Commendations for CS-GO Accounts


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On 9.4.2017 at 0:08 AM, WodkaMet said:
@Dexter After talking with him he have done the work. not a + rep but he has done what i paid. 
On 8.4.2017 at 3:34 PM, WodkaMet said:

vacation, block me from messages and make his profile private? man are you his friend?

Are you serious? Did you check our chatprotocol von Steam? It was said you ll get your commends on Sunday. Did you get your commends on Sunday or not?9_9
Dont buy anywhere again if you cant read or understand what it mean "you ll get your commends on Sunday"!

And maybe please stop lying - you were never blocked on Steam.
Hopefully its my descicion to set my profile in steam private whenever i want! *lmao*
Ps: Dont reply in my thread again. - And now you are really blocked on steam!;)

15 hours ago, haxperienced said:

Friendly guy, just got my commends, a little late but hey, for this price I don't mind :x +rep

You are welcome!:)

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