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Can i get a VAC in the future?


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If i have an account, and i was hacking some times on TeamFortress and CSGO and now dont hack more and never on that acc, i can get a VAC in the future?

I'll explain this as best as I can.

Regardless of what cheat you have used, and the last day you cheated was today. There are 2 outcomes.

1. If that cheat has been detected prior today, and you where caught using it during the period it was detected you could be banned.

2. Say that the cheat is currently undetected, and you stop today. Then you are safe.

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For example, i used chods cheats on csgo in an acc lvl 21 but i havent hacked on that acc during 4-5 months, can i get vac in the future? @CireG

It doesn't matter what level the account is; Look at xavier's post. he dead on.

if you didn't hack in 4-5 months i think you're safe dude ;)

Unless you have some old detected hack on your C-drive

If you are uncertain if you have a cheat on your system, I do recommend reformatting your computer.

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