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U made hack for other games?


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I'm playing BlackShot

is an fps freetoplay

I really need hack for this game, and i think u are the best on safety. Playing like a year with your cheats on other game (bfh i got banned but np)

I will ask u if u can made a cheat for other games?

I can pay more than of normal price:p

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In the past its one of the more popular games and generates lots of profit for garena. However over the years the game becomes easier and easier to hack that they only require an update on hscrc and crc to bypass the gameguard, which is literally the only defence on the client. Cheats was so rampant that it would be better to buy cheats then buy skins as many private cheats provide features like spawning weapons. Hence legit players that actually spends on the game starts to leave the game. Thats why it is declining in popularity

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