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Isnt the method of calling steam surpport working?

I'm sure they look into it. I doubt they just give the items back if you claim they were stolen / scammed without looking into the supposed scanner's / theif's history and whatnot.

Plus if people start abusing it left and right they'll just stop being nice and giving people's items back.

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They dupe the items all the time as long as

1.never dupe before

2.hijacked using another ip+computer

3.pass over 2 or more accounts

4.sold the items asap

5.call steam surpport with email confirmation

The thing is in your steam surpport ticket you must say someone hijacked your account. Be warned that sometimes steam surpport may revert listing if is not pass through many accounts.if they happened to revert listing then contact steam surpport saying your item "vanished" even thou you paid for it

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