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Would it be possible to add prefixes to the config subforum, for example "Rage" "Legit" and so on,

can be useful because it makes traversing the forum a little bit easier.

Also maybe add a specific sub-forum for ban reports so it's a little bit clearer

what is a ban report, and what it a thread asking about VAC. Also maybe as before

with prefixes for the games.

This is just a suggestion I threw together pretty fast at about midnight, but I think it's pretty good.

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a unified vac ban forum with a unified report thread is probably a good method since it's organized.


Every month, a new post is automatically created titled [Month] Reported VAC / Untrusted Bans

Then, whoever gets a ban can make 1 DETAILED post (following a specific form with questions). This is a LOT easier since you can quickly scan the forum list and see which month had more bans than another.

The forum would have to be reply only for VIP members since it can get cluttered with people making numerous ban related threads if some detection occurs (I hope it doesn't!).

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