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  1. This account is no longer available. Please close the thread. For anyone wanting another 4 digit (CLEAN), send a PM.
  2. a little too convenient! are you a psychic, lucky, or have insider knowledge?
  3. BIN stands for Buy It Now. You can make an offer and wait, or you can Buy It Now. Every gun has a skin so the account looks more legit, but they are not expensive skins like the redline. You might be able to sell all the skins for a more expensive skin though, if that's what you're into. It also has all the CSGO steam cards so you get the 10+ year badge, 10+ games badge, global sentinel badge, and a few others. By the way, this account has the ability to overwatch cases.
  4. I can sell you an infinite amount of these, 8 digit and up, with league experience. /s
  5. No, I don't link accounts for security reasons since people will know you bought an account if the link is public. Send your questions via PM.
  6. Nope, don't have the OE, but the account will be yours 100% after sale (because the domain is not available).
  7. If only 1 market place post is allowed, please close this one. P.S to anyone, if you read this early, I have 2 CSGO gifts I can sell you.
  8. For sale is a very nice 4 digit [steam ID: 3XXX]. Steam ID is less than 3599. 1) It has over 1000+ hours for CSGO 2) It has over 760 hours for CS 1.6 3) It has a skin for almost every weapon (IIRC, the only gun that doesn't have a skin is an M4A1-S) 4) I NEVER used Chods-Cheats on this account. 5) It is ranked Legendary Eagle, with 120+ wins. It is very close to a LEM (maybe 3 more wins) PM me with offers. Serious offers only. Buyers pay first. $120 minimum offer $500 BIN Notice: The following information is accurate at the time of posting. Hours and amount of wins in CSGO may increase, and the rank may increase (~GE) or decrease (~DMG).
  9. PM me if you want CSGO (gift) for $9.99 (paypal) or for 2 steam games ($13.98 total value) Price negotiable.
  10. Tory

    Gaming Notebook

    honestly, almost all laptops are overpriced and relatively useless. even a $3000 macbook pro has plenty of drawbacks. most ultrabooks don't even have 16:10 high resolution, and the ones that do are tiny (13 to 15") and hover around $2000.
  11. how will the seller lose 1.5btc? do you mean the buyer?
  12. this is different than SAM. It doesn't interact with steam's achievement system, it manages the game instances with a simpler method, and restarts the game so it doesn't look like your continuously idling. This is an automated and more secure way of boosting hours. Thousands of people use sam, only a handful use Tory boost. If valve ever decides to ban sam users due to achievement boosting, you're screwed. You also dont need to give me your username and password like other services ask for. This is all done o. Your machine.
  13. From a coding standpoint, I don't enjoy it since we are not told in advance what features are changed or tweaked, which will allow coding updates on configs. pSilent shuts down the aimbot, triggerseed doesn't work, and the old weapon config bug apparently is back (based on other people's reports), which might mean an old aimbot system is being used. Clearly the cheat was also modified, in addition to the client, since the aimbot and triggerbot have new and old bugs.
  14. NREM - You have access to Tory Boost. Enjoy
  15. Description: One-to-one hour boosting client for CSGO and CS 1.6 Features: 1:1 Hours boosting for CSGO 1:1 Hours boosting for CS 1.6 Manages CSGO and 1.6 game files automatically, and manages a backup of the original game files. Relaunches instances of CSGO and 1.6 at random intervals to simulate gameplay Remembers previously used game directories Ability to reset directories Fully automated unless the game(s) or steam forces an update Price: $7 for lifetime use and updates included for lifetime. Purchase: Send a PM for paypal address. After Purchase: You will receive a download link within 48 business hours For VIP members only.
  16. Tory

    Testing Sig

    testing new signature
  17. Yea, can't add any avatars or image based signatures, bummer.
  18. Tory

    Testing Sig

    Testing this sig update: it appears I can't use img tags for my sig
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