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Main Steam Account - 30 games - 4 years - Super cheap, save $346!


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TYPO IN TITLE: Cheat should say 'Cheap', my bad.




Price: $30.00 Canadian Dollars


By purchasing this account, you're saving a massive amount; for example:

DayZ: $38.99

ArmA 3: $66.49 (Already saving money.)

Garry's Mod: $10.99

The Crew: $59.99

Depth: $27.99

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: $49.99

ArmA 2: Combined Operations: $27.99

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: $19.99

Sid Meier's Civilization V: $32.99

Rust: $21.99

Project Zomboid: $16.99

H1Z1: $21.99

In theory, off of those titles alone (not including the other titles on the account), you save well over:


This is in fact a killer deal. The only downfall is that CS:GO was in fact VAC banned during *'s most recent detection. However, there are tons of other titles that make this worth it.

Any charge backs will result in an immediate scam report here on Chods-Cheats forums.

With this purchase, you'll get the username and password. We'll be able to swap the email over to whatever you'd like.

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Honestly, I highly doubt you can get 50 usd for that account due to the vac ban.

Also a lot of those games you have listed have been on sale at one point which had a sale discount of 50+ or higher.

I agree, I lowered the price on the other marketplaces but forgot to here! Silly me :P

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