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R u serious?


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How how how how?

can u ban me for ur worst support?

and i did not ask u for a unban me in my thread just said wat is my problem.

PLs unban me it is not my problem that hack not work its client how can u ban 30 pounds in which i did not use 0.01 pound well just imagine my place.

y should i create a thread did every member created thread?

some of them created not all all were posting same error and u saying to me now i should create a thread when i want to sell hack u were not replying atall to anypost,

And i was banned before loading a cheat?

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You didn't get proper support because you didn't create your own thread.

You tried selling your account which is against our TOS so your account got terminated.

End of story.

As Emiiru has already stated. Your account will not be unbanned.

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