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y i was banned VIP name asalami


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y i was banned Bcoz of selling my account on sythe and do u know u did not provided me with support since 3 days do u know that? check my shoutbox history post history and how much time i was on shoutbox or in threads regarding client i never used hack for 1 sec and u ban me for selling ur hack if i have to sell that hack y would i buy it i could buy ***** or other hacks and dont waste more $ for ur hack i DID not used it for 1 sec i did all things and no working at all of client and y would u prepare hack that gives such kinf of errors

Now tell me the answer first -

SRY for RIP english.

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You were banned because it's against the TOS, and our rules to sell your account.

I can see support in the threads you've posted in.

Shoutbox isn't for support like the sticky says.

"if i have to sell that hack y would i buy it i could buy ***** or other hacks and dont waste more $ for ur hack" You're contradicting yourself by saying you wouldn't sell your account after buying, yet you were trying to sell it.

Don't mention other cheat providers.

Patience is too much of a virtue for you I guess. The client crash was fixed, but you had another problem which you didn't make a thread about. (You were trying to hijack someone's else thread)

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Why would you buy a hack just to resell it? That doesn't make any sense at all.

yes it does not make any sense, thats wat i want to say u and i cant even load a simple client on my pc and no money yet to buy other hacks so want to sell it ASAP it is than wat should i do i updated my OS and again same client crashes i should HACK or post threads of hack not working.

K when i posted on threads u take hrs to respond that chod will update if he has more than 5 minutes u taken seriously 3 days and cant solve my problems. i think only freej name moderator or something replied to my post and u admins did not take serious against new VIP.

And u can clearly read 1 of my shoutbox shout about i wrote i buyed this hack by "mistake" i was deciding very carefully about which hack to buy so when i buyed ur hack and its not working.

The first impression of ur hack was like -10 neg if i m correct from this kind of customer?

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