I have purchased Counter Strike Global Offence cheat and the Vip NEED HELP ON IT


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I have purchased the cs go cheat and vip for it i have no idea how to install or even download the cheat along with no acsess to the forms please help. Thank You.

What method of payment did you do?

If you paid with a paypal e-check it will take 3-5 business days for it to be verified and you'll receive VIP Forum access.

If you paid by credit, it usually instant, but could take up to 24+ hours.

If you paid by bitcoin, you'll need to provide the transaction id of the bitpay.

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it is saying next payment will be on 12th of april and each 30 days :S

one more question. i have payed 20$ for the cheat on 13th march but have not used it untill now. how can i download the cheats and what should i do? it doesnt show that i am subscriped to the cheat :S i am confused

Are you sure that payment is to jamvo?

Paypal payments are usually instant, while echecks takes up to 3-5 business days.

And bitpay payments are manual, requiring people to PM me with the invoiceurl and what subscription.

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it says i can not have access to member panel. please advice what is going on??????

We can only assume that you paid by e-check since you have not been activated yet. E-check takes 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday are business days). Paying via paypal is all automatic; once the funds has been fully received as in there is nothing being held by paypal or your bank, your account will automatically become VIP.

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Recurring Payment Sent (ID #98N388363K032663E) View Details

You can see all of your recurring payments on the My preapproved payments.

Merchant Name:


Merchant Email:



Merchant Information

Customer Service URL:



Total amount:

-$20.00 USD


$20.00 USD

Tax Amount:

$0.00 USD

Ship Amount:

$0.00 USD

Fee amount:

$0.00 USD

Net amount:

-$20.00 USD

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