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during cs go game vac alert and my cheat stopped.......


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I've never heard of vac sending an alert message to the server. Did you get kicked with that error or is was it just in chat? If it was on chat it means what you saw was probably someone just making it look like it was a sever message when it was actually another line of a players chat.

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Alright, I know exactly what happen. Certain people in the counter strike community LOVE to troll so what you do is in the chat you type for example "HEY GUYS! Vac has detected a cheater!" or something of that sort you just put spaces in between your message but put a lot of spaces so you don't mess it up or no one will believe you. The second line of the text is ALWAYS brighter than the first. You've got nothing to worry about continue doing what you're doing.

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I didn't know that, I usually get instantly banned when I don't use chods cheats.

Well allow me to elaborate.

When you get an untrusted ban it is instant and turns into a full VAC ban ( not sure how long after ). Untrusted is essentially Valves version of SMAC.

However if it is only VAC that detects your cheat, then you'll usually be banned between a week or two later.

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