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VAC banned accounts!


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Hey guys !

at the moment i search VAC banned accounts

i dont need untrusted accounts or overwatched accounts

need accounts with this picture ingame of CS GO:


i am not interested in skins/games/digits

i´ll take it for free or if you have a bulk of accounts i will give you a clean 7digit

if you have more then 5 accounts we can talk about money

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I HAVE A VAC BAN on Insurgency. you can still play counter strike global offensive give me $20 you will have the double 5 years coin and you have 19 games

never post again in my topic...

"....i am not interested in skins/games/digits....."

How many accounts would u take for a copy of CSGO or something like that ?

I got plenty banned accounts from ragehacking.

i dont need UNTRUSTED or OVERWATCHED accounts!

UPDATED first post

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Why would someone buy only vac banned but not overwatched and untrusted accounts? smells like there's an exploit in the area... who knows if it's not an inventory one.

I think I might have some, is 2 for a clean 7 digit ok? they also have other games

pm me and we make a deal

I will be willing to trade one of my main personal vac banned accounts with 49 games. Banned from CSS along with the games that follow a CSS ban.

I'll trade for either (2) "CSS accounts" or TF2 items of your choice that's a fair trade.

i am not interested in games , so i dont need your single account.

I have 3 or 4 of them, I would want an account who is not banned at all and is playable on, for MM and such, I don't care if you have cheated on it before as long as it is not banned.

i give you an clean account but without cs go , 3-4 vac banned accounts are worthless , if you have more then 10 ...maybe

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