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The Hunt Showdown Cheat is amazing. I love it and it is undetected. The only way you can get detected is by getting reported or somehow Eac picks it up. I doubt it.


The UI: 6/10 basic can't really change color or customize it at all.


ESP: 10/10 for players. You can customize the distance it can pick up a player and has a glow feature which isn't neon and doesn't act like the sun box, esp is removable etc.


and the name is removable. And this goes for the grunts aka zombies and the bosses. They don't much have an ESP, neither do dogs or water devils,


but you will see the name so you know they will be there


. Aimbot: (controversial) but for me the aimbot is the most legit


so even when some players spectate you depending the smooth settings and the accuracy  setting


like no recoil or no sway are disabled no one can tell the difference but for people it can feel different but for me love it and

(  THIS CHEETO IS BETTER on all the markets and etc chod is the best ****** are meh.


******* there never gonna fix it or update it and first time I ever laid my hands on it once the aimbot was meh esp was okay..


didn't detect everything like: medkit ammo box and dogs or water devil but it doesn't beat chod)


this is my simple rating chod is the best cheat out there for hunt so no other private cheats beat chod


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