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recently we added the
points shop to our website where you can gamble your points and also buy stuff with them, including free cheat subs!

I would like to know if you think the current amount of points you gain for certain activities is fair and if there is something you would like us to improve/change.
I'm open for discussions, but please keep it friendly!

Regards :)

Here the current amount you get again as reference:

Doing a post on the forum once per day = 10 points

Referring someone = 2 points

Reviewing a product on the store = 20 points

Replying to a topic = 3 points

Getting replies on own topic = 2 points

Making a topic = 5 points

On Registration = 20 points

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On 16/07/2022 at 23:46, ArmorAll said:

If possible are you able to reward points for previous activity? As in before the point system was introduced give those people that were active in the past a few more points 

Thats not possible unfortunately. :/

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