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Introducing the Points Shop!


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We are happy to introduce our new points shop, where you can spend points earned by being active!

What can i spend points for?

  • Gambling!
  • Username changes!
  • Pinning your own topics for 7 days!
  • Getting a 1 day sub for a cheat of your choice!
  • Getting a specific trophy thats only available via shop points!

How can i get points?

  • Most points can be earned just by beeing active, but here is the full list:
  • Doing a post on the forum once per day = 10 points
  • Referring someone = 2 points
  • Reviewing a product on the store = 20 points
  • Replying to a topic = 3 points
  • Getting replies on own topic = 2 points
  • Making a topic = 5 points
  • On Registration = 20 points

What else can i do?

  • There is a banking system so you can put your coins into the bank to gain interest on it every month!
  • You can send bought items to other users (To do this you have to pay a fee)
  • Sending points to other users might be possible in the future as well.
  • We also plan to offer points in exchange for real money to allow more payment options in general!

You can find the amount of points you have on your profile or at the points shop itself.
Please keep in mind that the amount of points received can change anytime.
If we notice that a user is trying to exploit the system he will loose all of his points and might get additional punishments!

You can find the points shop in the menu bar, next to the store. :)

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