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Scum Review after about 1 Week of Usage!


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I thouhgt i might tell the community a little bit about the Scum Cheese provided by the Chods Team. I will split the review in different sections and rate them from 1-10. So lets dive into it!


Visuals/ESP: 9/10


For the most part, everything works like its intended. The "icon" feature is pretty nice if u ask me! U can see the items u are looking for without even reading the text! Thats pretty dope. I have some esp flickering when iam joining a server but it fixes itself after like 2-3 minutes so i have to substract one point! still solid ESP.


Aimbot: 10/10


If u are looking for a way to dominate an entire server u came to the right place. The aimbot is so damn powerfull that u wont miss any shot with it if u know how to use it right! The new magic bullet feature just makes it even stronger! If you want to wipe the whole airfield without wasting any bullets or risking your life, u should get this cheese rn!


Misc: 10/10


You dont have the time or the will to run accross the map and waste 5 hours of your lifetime? Just pop the speedhack and run with 10x speed and u will reach your desired destination in no time! You found a car thats locked? U have 1 hairpin and a screwy on you? with the auto lockpick feature the car will be yours, trust me! U hate it when u find a gun with 30% durability and it fails you mid gunfight? with this piece of software it wont fail you anymore.




If u are looking for a cheat that is undetected by EAC, is affordable and is easy to inject. U just found it! If u have any questions about a feature i didnt cover in my review, dont hesitate to shoot me a DM and i will try to give you more information.



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