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Issues/Bugs since 5.6.0 / 2 Ideas for Future

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with the last update I noticed that some functions no longer work properly or not at all and wanted to list them once to possibly help what exactly needs to be fixed.


Auto Skillchecks:

- Every kind of skillcheck (Gens, Yellow Glyphs, Wiggling) doesn't work automatically anymore.
Existing bugs before the update: 
-- Yellow glyphs did not work properly even before the update.
-- When wiggling the first skillcheck is always not correct


Playing as a killer:

- Every time you search a game as a killer, the game crashes during the loading screen.



- The ESP is still partially working correctly, but it still has some errors:
- Some survivors are not displayed or only sometimes.
- It is no longer displayed when a survivor is injured
- It shows permanently that the killer is carrying someone



- The Aimbot for Flashlights on survivors does not work anymore.

- (I don't know if the Aimbot/MagicMode for killers still works because as mentioned above you couldn't join a game as a killer)


I would appreciate it very much if these bugs are fixed as soon as possible, as I just renewed my product a week ago.


Also I have two possible functions that could be very helpful for some people:

1. bloodpoint ADD: You can give yourself an individual number of bloodpoints.

2. player level: you can adjust your player level and deversion individually



I really hope I could help because this cheat is in my opinion the best that exists at the moment and I hope that this will not change!

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