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An honest review - Dead By Daylight hack


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I very rarely use risky features in hacks so I can only comment on the more 'safe' features.

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)  - 9/10


The ESP which is included in the hack is excellent and does exactly what you need it to do; you're able to customise what you want the ESP to show ranging from players, skeletons to certain objects in the game. I have not noticed an FPS drop whilst using it. 

It lets you customise the object draw distance too to ensure your screen isn't too cluttered with information which is not necessarily required at that time; however, players are seen throughout the map which is extremely useful; it even gives players distances within meters so you're able to gauge when you need to run.

The reason this is not 10/10 is because, there are certain objects I'd like to have a higher draw distance on without it affecting the others; for example, I'd like to see Hatches and Escape Doors at a much higher draw distance than say Chests.

Automatic Skillchecks - 10/10

This is by far one of the most useful features within the hack itself; it'll automatically pass every skillcheck you'll encounter so it takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders; it even has customisable sliders to humanise it; providing some good and perfect skillchecks to make it seem more real. 


There's not much to say on this feature, it does what it says on the tin; Ideally it would be nice to have an explanation for new users on Success Start, Success End and Bonus Size meanings so they're able to alter it without much confusion.

Unlock All Customisation - 10/10


This is a wonderful feature and to answer the most burning question I had; yes it unlocks everything and yes, everyone else can see the customisation too; be careful what you put on your character as some items are quite selective in who achieved them legitimately (Twitch T-shirts etc) so you want to avoid them so you don't raise suspicion. 


I hope you find the review of these features useful, and I will update this if I ever decide to play with any other features the hack has. 

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