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Deadside Cheese Review by SeakerAnimal


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First of all, it has been nearly 2 years since i last used Chods! And i decided to give the Deadside Cheese a run! And i can tell you i did not regret it.


I used the cheat for some hours now and i tested all the settings to their full extend.


I will split the review into 4 sections: 1. Features, 2. Setup, 3. Injection, 4. Security


Features: 8/10

The features included in this cheat are top notch! The ESP works like a charm, and the Aimbot works 8/10 times very good.


Setup 10/10

The cheat was really easy to setup for me. It took me like 2 min and i was ready to use it. If you follow the instructions provided by the staff, you shoud not have any problems what so ever.


Injection 10/10

It is as easy as it gets!! You just press a button and let the loader do its magic! Simple as that! I didnt even had to disable my AV or anything, thats a huge + for the guys over at CC!


Security 10/10

Since the cheat was released nearly one year ago and it uses EAC! The cheat has never been detected since release! I think there is nothing more to say about that. The guys at CC have clearly done their homework at bypassing Anti Cheats :)


If you are looking for an undetected and affordable cheat for deadside, go for it!!! You wont regret it!




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