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is Hunt Showdown Cheat is closed ''Permanenty''


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Im asking this because from all the time i spent on cheat sites, i realized this;
chodcheats is the site with the best customer satisfaction (it may not be as big as the others but definitely better quality) but i think your cheat users here who buy products from you deserve an answer


is Hunt Showdown cheats won't come anymore? because after the bans wave on the New Year, the cheat produced by many cheat sites was banned. (like cc) :(

Obviously i would have expected a more subtle and descriptive behavior from Chodcheat, but after the cheat was turned off, i looked through all the forums but could not find a "enough"explanatory post. (if the cheat is not permanently turned off, approximately when will the be reopened?)

I am waiting for an explanation because I love your site, products and helper administrators. I didnt write to be rude, I hope you understand me.

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