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Used it for a month and for what its supposed to do it works great, no FPS drops, caused me 0 crashes and does the job.

MUST add options are simple things like being able to remove "dead entities" or the bodies pile up and you cant destinguish them at long range and for god's sake put an enemy outline or a skeleton on them, but only un hunters no need to bother with Ai.

Item description is rather lacking and puts most items in the "Item Box" category, you should at least let us choose witch items we need specificaly aka type of ammo or cash registers would be an amazing add.

A simple aimbot would atract more attention but a triggerbot would do the job just as fine.

Overall in its current state i give it a 7.5/10 as there are a lot of basic things that can be easily fixed, good job so far.

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