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Tarkov HWID ban solutions


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Hello everyone, 


I haven't been around in a while since getting HWID banned on tarky a few months ago. I did some research back then on how I could gain access back to tarky again but didn't find any forsure info on which parts i need to change to remove my HWID banned parts. Im hoping that maybe someone has some legit guidance on which parts I need to replace that are mostly likely HWID by BE?  With the new cards coming out, I could dump my 2080ti for a new series card if that is something they HWID. But I don't know what other parts I would need to change beside my drives to cleanse my PC of HWID banned parts?


Also, is there actually any HWID spoofers available that work? Please dont name them, unless they are chods ? but if you know that there is one out there please give me a wink so I can do some more searching



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Hey vance, I was banned from  eft, I changed all my drives and reinstalled a new windows/raid 0 them. I started playing it legit and im not banned anymore.


this was my first ban fyi.


EDIT: im using a raid controller on two HDDs and my old drives are no longer connected to this pc.

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