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Dead by daylight Chodz is the best!


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Here's my review and an honest one. I've been around trying out cheetos/chair for DBD but so far this is the best!

ESP: 10/10
- You can see everything and it's even detailed, I like how they tagged pallets as used/unsued which means you can define where to go  and rekt the killer
-Gates exit and other features on ESP is perfect! The tags are unique and definite by color. You can even toggle on and off almost everything

Speed hack : 10/10
- You can closet or rage and working as intended! so far I think this is the only cheetos that has working Speedhack and it's even UD. just take care of being blatant as the only time you'll get banned is manual report

Skill checks : 10/10
- for me this is the most accurate out of the market, Can't complain you can even set it up manually!

Instant gen/hook: 10/10
- If possible I can rate it 15/10. This is awesome! Even gives you high points at the end of the game. I love it!

So far, Everything is perfect! I've tried a lot but honestly. This one is the best and it's undetected!

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