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  1. That's some harry potter shiz happening haha
  2. Here's my review and an honest one. I've been around trying out cheetos/chair for DBD but so far this is the best! ESP: 10/10 - You can see everything and it's even detailed, I like how they tagged pallets as used/unsued which means you can define where to go and rekt the killer -Gates exit and other features on ESP is perfect! The tags are unique and definite by color. You can even toggle on and off almost everything Speed hack : 10/10 - You can closet or rage and working as intended! so far I think this is the only cheetos that has working Speedhack and it's even UD. just take
  3. Hi ! Thank you guys for the heads up I appreciate the response That's all! You can now close this thread. Again thank you!
  4. yoyoalben0


    Hi I was reading the news and it was stated there that there were features that has been removed, If it's not too much ,Which features are removed? I was looking forward for the insta-gens and etc and I would and will try it out. I currently have ESP on a different provider but If this is better and have more features like the speed hack and instant gens/sabotage , I'll gladly switch here Thanks