Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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I was skeptical at first due to the high price. However, after using the cheat for over a week now, I see it is very much worth the asking price.


Every cheat that I've seen for DBD on the internet claims to be undetected. In my experience this one is one of the few that actually are undetected. The only way I see you getting banned with this cheat is if you're incredibly wreckless with it. Don't make it obvious that you're cheating and you should be fine.


The only thing I had issues with was the flashlight auto aim. Sometimes it worked and other times it seemed the stray to the left or right of the killer's face. Everything else pretty much worked flawlessly though.


You may get a couple of blue screens when you start out but they seem to pretty much disappear over time. Especially if you reboot every time after you're done using the cheat.


Very well done 8/10

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