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Well, welcome friend! This is a nice community with very helpful people. Just a reminder to read the FAQ to help out Mods by not asking the same question asked by 100 other people before like I did. LOL guilty as charged. Also this helps to stop the flooding of threads asking the samething. Anyways, glad you're here!

Mods are very responsive, cheats get updated regularly and any downtime is always compensated so don't worry about losing time from cheese you paid for.

Lastly keep in mind these are quality cheese but not ban proof, so don't abuse the cheats too hard or do any obvious giveaway in-game and you should be very very safe. Thanks again for joining the Chod Cheat Community.

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Thank you for the tips!
Ill be sure to search the forum before asking redundant questions! 


Really keen to just use some ESP assistance... ? won't be going crazy on the cheez, although I hear its very addictive ?

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Welcome to the community, I hope you like it here. Also expect your cheat standard to be raised very high in comparison to other providers if you look around. :) 


Also as dabomb mentioned, be careful to not abuse your advantage, I take good care to ensure I don't and I have never received a ban. 

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