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Yello everyone, I am here to post my review on Hunt.


So let's start:


ESP - 8/10

It works as intended and works great most of the time, however it is a bit clunky. There are a lot of items in Hunt and with no item filter it gets very messy, also game itself is not very optimised so when using item ESP it might get you on low FPS. Also friend ESP box can't be turned off (even though it's available in menus).


Glow - 9/10

Cool feature, I love it more than ESP however I'd add an option how much zombies, bosses, people, etc.. can glow. As of now color is very light and sometimes very hard to see.


Misc - ?/10

I don't use any Misc features.


Updates - 10/10

Even though Hunt is not and never will be main focus, updates are delivered as soon as they can. Whole CC Dev team is reliable bunch and I like that.


Overal rating is 8,5 for me. I like security of the Cheat, I like that we have any cheat (only provider of Hunt cheat to my knowledge) however I am missing AimBot (very simple, that can be used for close-mid range fights), and some other work mentioned above. However this cheat gives you an edge over others and you can easily extract with 2 bounties, get high kills and have fun.


I can recommend geting this product and as a bonus you get nice community with great staff.

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