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Introducing the Trophy System


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I'm happy to announce that we now have a trophy system implemented!

This will reward users who contributed to the community with
different tiers of trophies on their profile and their mini-profile.
It will also help us to decide, which user should
get a chance to apply for possible invite only cheats in the future!

Here is an example of the different tiers, in this case its the amount of content a user posted:

Bronze bronze.png.793b1ea5383f54d83ed16e14d3d2b7b8.png = 10 Content Count

Silver silver.png.e898381e44e7b3c2a768ed8dfc52696d.png = 50 Content Count

Gold gold.png.2dc64a0bc0b241bf0e7999142de491cf.png = 100 Content Count

Diamond diamond.png.d09f964e9c6dd87460e191db3f530275.png = 500 Content Count

Master master.png.0a54ff4080e010002ae6b7d94712c5ad.png = 1000 Content Count

The same applies to reputation and member time.
We also have trophies for purchases and topics.

Please keep in mind that spamming to receive trophies is forbidden!

I hope you like the new system! :)


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