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Tarkov updates!!!??


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7 hours ago, Escape505 said:

I'm not sure if this against and TOS so if it is let me know but why are there no more monthly updates?  Like that kept me and i'm sure others excited and motivated i'm just curious

There isent much to update on, so it would juts be a copy/paste and no need to flood with copy/paste posts each month.

Our coders are hard at work getting our cheats working and staying safe, but as we cant go into any details about what they are doing the post would again just be a copy paste.


Will the monthly news post return? it might if there's something to post about, sadly at this point there isent alot of new info that haven't been posted on here or on discord.

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On 7/30/2020 at 2:31 PM, Zaza said:

Let’s just be patient we don’t know when it will cone but it will come out for sure.

If I were you, I wouldnt expect any EFT updates soon, since its really hard now to maintain a cheat if its publicly available.

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Don't expect anything too soon! I have been waiting for a while and I'm more than happy to wait quite a bit more. One thing you could expect though is quality!
I got a subscription for the EFT cheat quite a while back and it was great, I've never had a cheat that good and I'm excited to see what we get when it comes.

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I can't tell you when it's back, I can't tell you how much is going to cost but what I can tell you is that - when it's back, you guys come and get it :) 

When our team will be 100% sure we are good to go, there will be communication sent and you won't miss that. So stay tuned and keep coming back for regular updates and I hope to see you around in future! :)  

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