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Couple of questions about this site


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Hey y'all, new user here.  I got a recommendation for this site for "safe" EFT tools.  Unfortunately they seem to be offline, which leads me to my first question:  Is there a way to set up an email alert when it's back "in stock"?  If not I can keep checking back, it'd just be a nice feature to add if not.


Secondly, after reading some threads in the testimonial section I've become concerned that once the tools are patched it may go private since it's been problematic keeping it online.  How does one become... I forget the word used... a trusted user?  Something like that.  I don't have any interest in any of the other games offered so I won't be able to post any reviews or have much insight for anyone in the forums.  What else can one do to gain reputation, so to speak?


Thanks in advance!

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Lets assume we are in a fantasy world with little froghumans and the cheat would be private,
in this case our invite policy would be very strict. It would be slotted, require ID verification and a long and active membership.
We would only choose members who contributed the most on our site.

You can't set up an email verification for eft specifically unfortunately.

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