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Not really good and too expensive for what it can tbh


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Tried it for a few days now and I gotta say this bot is really not good, its aiming at people through walls, changes targets in the middle of a fight, and its overall not really possible to change stuff and of course the fact theres no predictionbot, even OWBots have this stuff...
So yeah overall not really happy with it and actually regret buying the license.

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I've somewhat experienced the problems you're talking about. The cheat thinking enemies are visible when they are not, and the snapping to wrong targets. That being said, the best way I've found is to get better knowledge of where the cheat has problems with visibility checks and not play from that particular angle/spot. As for the snapping to the wrong target, the easiest solution in my opinion and the one I practice is just using a higher smoothing so a sharp flick of the mouse forces you PAST the target you want to aim on and then moving back, thus resetting the cheats target back to whoever you were targeting before. 

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