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Would like to bring this to the staffs attention


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Please don't just delete this without reading Staff take it under consideration!

Why can I buy a better Insurgency hack on another website with more features for only £4.24GBP a month compared to your £14.00GBP a month.

I know this post will be deleted and get a load of hate, people saying the usual stuff people say on websites when there mad.

I just want to bring it to your attention staff that other another website is offering better hacks for less.

I mean this hack has only crashed once, granted I've only been using it for 1 and bit weeks. But compared to 1 month that I have yours, It's had none of the nonsense that your hack does, scroll to the knife or press 3 and the game crashes! No random crashing every 10 minutes to an hour.

Don't get me wrong the extra features on this other hack I don't actually use really but its because of the price and it doesn't crash every 30 minutes I can play solidly for 3-4 hours straight no problems. I don't know how long you hack has been out for but in a month I've been using Chod's hack its been annoying, Anyway enough of this,

I just wanted staff to think about £4.24 or $6.95 USD a month compared to your £14.00 or $22.50 USD. If you were the consumer which would you go for? The cheaper one unless that cheaper one was less reliable. Which for me atleast it is more reliable in everyway possible apart from the user interface but once you have all your settings just like Chod's hack you can save your profile and never touch it again

I'm only trying to help you wasted about 10minutes of my life cause no one will see this but hey hopefully one person does.

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We don't delete threads and shadow ban people.

You have a misunderstanding of us if you think so.

Yes we're aware the Insurgency hack is not top notch at the moment, and we're sorry for the bad time you've had with it.

We have a lot going on, so I won't deny the Insurgency hack haven't gotten the attention it has needed.

We'll gladly give you a month of a sub of your choice.

We'll work on the Insurgency cheat this weekend.

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I don't own a game that you offer apart from Insurgency, or one that I want to hack on anyway. So it would have to be Insurgency. Is the hack any better since I last played which was about a week and a half ago maybe a little less?

And if this wont be deleted I salute you cause most companies would delete this so. Kudos to you may friend.

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I don't see the reason to delete bad threads, they give you feedback on your website and cheats.

For example some of the CS:GO feedback, has made us make a beta version with certain improvements I'm sure people will like.

The latest Insurgency update was on the 12th, fixing some crashes and shot esp not working.

So it is mostly in same state, however like said we'll work on the insurgency cheat this weekend. (Personally confirmed by Chod)

Of course you can get a insurgency subscription.

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