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How's EFT?


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So I came on to see if there was any updates about the EFT cheat and I noticed it was up. Ngl I got goosebumps when I saw it but at the moment I am scared to use it. I have seen soo much chatter about how easy it is to be banned even if you cheat professionally and if others get caught others are vulnerable too. And with EFT have such a big spotlight now and EFT being a public cheat on a provider a lot of people in the EFT community know about I still feel it's only a matter of time before many people get banned. And if I do get banned it would most likely result in a HWID ban which I cannot afford to buy new parts to bypass (I know HWID spoofer but they don't always work) It has only been up for about half a day soo far and many doubt it will last longer than another 12 hours, how long do you reckon I should wait before getting the cheat? 


To those who have it how is it? I know about the crashing from the notice but do you feel like someone is watching you? Like Battleeye is evaluating your every move and if you look at someone or something in a suspitious way you may get flagged? Battleeye has always scared me and right now I feel like EFT cheating is over exept for those who can afford to get banned and can bypass and risk takers. Anyone able to give me advice?



I am scared to use the cheat

I feel like battleeye and Battlestate are watching us and are working on taking it down right now

Aparently if some get banned others get banned also

Aparently it's easy to get banned even when cheating professionally

I can't afford to be banned (Can't buy new parts and I don't wanna use a spoofer which don't always work)


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21 hours ago, 19benni81 said:

don't cheat if you're scared to lose your account ... it's that simple.

It's not really about losing the account it's the more ludicrous process of getting a new one. It's not a simple as buying a new account anymore. 

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Fixing a 2 year olds spelling mistakes.
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12 minutes ago, Josh117 said:

@CodezBlack I feel you there, I still have the cheese but I am not willing to use it yet. Mostly because I just got a new computer so getting a BE HWID ban is not worth the risk right now. Especially since I play a lot of Arma 3.

BE bans don't transfer, I don't play arma but I do play siege and that account is safe 

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54 minutes ago, NovicaneZero said:

BE bans don't transfer, I don't play arma but I do play siege and that account is safe 


So just to be clear.


If i get banned in EFT, it wont affect any-other game where BattleEye is doing Anticheat serive? 

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