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Banned 7 months after use


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This morning I got a lovely email from battlestate, that my account and access to the game and forum had been terminated.

Last time I used any cheat for EFT was July 2019. Ive still been been keeping up on the forums here and on ****** to see what was going on in the Tarkov cheese community.


Last week for the first time i also purchased a cheese for PUBG, I think this might be the reason I was "detected" from EFT, but I tought I took every precaution, restarting pc, having the cheese on external drive etc. 


PS: I was searching for the ban rapport forum but couldnt find it. 


So keep that in mind when dealing with different cheeses for different games. 




No the account name is not the same as this forum name

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1 hour ago, ???????? said:

And why did you make a thread now?
Obviously its not related to us.

If you mean its not related then just close the thread, I tought I was going to make a thread due to many people saying they are monitoring processes and watching what you could be browsing I.e this site and others. If thats not the case then its most likely the pubg software that was recognized.  And since I havnt played EFT since I bought the PUBG software its a bit strange. 

But whatever just wanted to let you know, sorry for the inconvenience.


27 minutes ago, Weekend0001 said:

actually, it could be.

He said he was playing fine until he used your PubG, and then got a ban on EFT.

No, its not their PUBG software. 

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3 minutes ago, ???????? said:

We don't offer pubg.

@Betablann They wouldn't ban you for visiting our site, that would be hilarious and cause lots of false positives.


Thats true, I dont know how it works. But still kinda strange the battle-eye tagged me in EFT and not in PUBG.. isnt it all "connected" in a way?



Feel free to close the thread guys.

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