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If you're interested in our Middleman Service here are some things you need to know:

  • We mostly cover account transfers, item transfers are currently not covered.
  • Middleman service doesn't have any fee, only the buyer has to cover the re-sending cost on Paypal. Tips are appreciated but not necessary!


Here how it works:

  1. Both seller and buyer acknowledges the terms made before the transaction.
  2. Seller provides the account details to the middleman, it will be validated.
  3. If everything checks out, the buyer will be asked to transfer the funds to the middleman.
    3a. Account is banned, invalid, fake the transaction is canceled.
    3b. Buyer doesn't transfer the funds within the allocated time, the transaction is canceled.
  4. Upon receiving the funds the account details will be provided to the buyer
  5. The email change procedure will be started, which takes weeks. For this period both parties are free to communicate if  the new account owner is in need of email codes etc.
  6. After the time is up, the funds will be transferred to the seller.
    6a. Any chargeback,  fraudulent action will return the account to the original owner.
    6b. Any account ban, loss of game access will result immediate transfer of funds to the seller.







Make sure you contact them using the website!

We do not deal MM on discord, skype or any other website!


Please make sure you follow the format when you inquire about Middleman service


Contact the middleman using this format:


Seller: -forum profile link-

Buyer: -forum profile link-

Subject: - eft eod account-

Price: 69$



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