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Start off by giving credit where it is due. Chod and the Team deserve a lot for putting out a great cheese for Dead By Daylight. 

Now i want to start out with how EASY it is to understand the USER FRIENDLY menu. If you are a veteran user or this is your first cheese, regardless of your experience you will navigate the menu with ease.

ESP (Far left menu when INSERT is pressed)

If you don't know what ESP is i will put it in laymans terms, you will see the location of all Survivors and Killer. Very helpful in a game where you as a survivor is trying to escape a possible death from the many killers. ESP gives you the edge to make sure that YOU have full control on your experience within the game. But not only does Chod's ESP provide you with the location of the survivors and killer indicated by a box around the player. You have the option to see the distance of the killer from you and you have the option to see the if a survivor is being hooked or being picked up. Pretty cool features that allow full control on how you experience the game.

ESP Menu Section 

The ESP part of the menu is very EASY to understand. Whatever, option you want ON or OFF is completely up to you. All you have to do is CHECK THE BOX next to the option that you want.

Nothing more really to say about how to navigate and utilize the features.

Skill Check 

After you properly inject the cheese from your flash drive (if you have Chod's flash drive you are a legend) The menu will pop up after the time you have set as expired. Which will show three menus. the second menu will deal with skill checks. If you don't know what that is, i will break it down. Skill checking within Dead By Daylight is the bread and butter of the game besides trying to survive or trying to kill the survivors. Whatever action you take as a survivor may it be repairing a generator and or healing a teammate (there is others but i am going to cover the main ones). While repairing a generator or healing a teammate, you will be giving a skill check in which you will have to push SPACE on your keyboard at the right time as a indicator goes in a circle. Depending on your survivor you have chosen or the items you have brought with you will allow the skill check be bigger for easier completion. However, with this second menu, you can customize how you deal with skill checks. You have the option to allow automatic skill checks, which means you don't have to press any button to do a successful skill check. But if you enjoy doing skill checks, you have the option to customize how the skill check will be for you. For example you can increase the size of success area of the skill check. 

Set BloodPoints(RISKY)

Blood Points is the in-game currency you get after completing challenges or completing a game, that you use to upgrade your survivor or killer. To utilize the SET BLOODPOINTS option is RISKY, next to the option it will remind you that it is RISKY TO USE. So please use this at YOUR OWN RISK.


The rage menu is exactly how it sounds. If the game is making you RAGE you have the option to utilize the rage menu. I am not going to get too much into this part of the menu. Chod and The Team has made that menu as USER FRIENDLY as possible. For example you have the option to teleport to the nearest survivor. I hope you see the risk involved with doing that. However, it is an option and you are allowed to do what you want with the options provided. But REMEMBER DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


I hope you all have enjoyed the review i have provided. I am aware there is some features in the menu but i wanted to focus on the main options. This review is for new or veteran users. So have fun escaping with your life or making sure NO ONE escapes 


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Thank you for the feedback.


This is only the start and as other core systems like savable configs, or custom keybindings come online it will increase the ease of use of all cheats combined.

As it is now the features are bound to function key and its def not handy or easy to remember,  but with customization it will be eliminated completely.

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