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My Thoughts Of The Apex Cheese


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My overall impression on the apex cheese after 24 hours of playtime 

Aimbot Rating=9.5/10


  • The lock on works well on targets while also being able to swiftly switch between targets.
  • The FOV (Field Of View) works very well with the aimbot once you have tweaked it and tailored it to how you like it.
  • The Visibility feature is a handy to not lock on to targets not visible on the battlefield and target ones that are which prevents the unneeded waste of ammo .
  • The Smoothing feature is also really useful as it works in harmony with the aimbot and allows you to tweak how aggressive the lock on to targets is .


  • The Prediction works well with most guns but DMR'S/Sniper Rifles not so much i feel like it's a little slow while sniping a moving target.

Visuals Rating=9.5/10


  • The Health and shield feature  is really well done accurately tracks their health points on both very well.
  • The Spectator tracker is a nice touch easier to keep tabs on when you're being watched when you aren't going full rage mode.
  • The Glow & Fade out options are a must as it gives you a nice silhouette when aiming through different obstacles watching the facing position.
  •  The Distance option allows you to tailor how far you want to see targets as well as see exactly how close a target is in meters. 


  • The Box option doesn't seem to work well with other visuals and seems to use unneeded resources causing lag (Which is understandable with it being in beta)


Overall Rating=9.5/10

In the cheese's current state and with it being in the beta i phase i would say already it is professionally built and undoubtedly undetected and safe for the user and showcases

many features which for the most part work very well and already say this cheese is like a fine wine it is definitely going to get better with time with many new features  

making the users experience better and more prestigious as a cheese I look forward to following the progress made on this cheese!


I Highly Recommend this cheese without a doubt in my mind! - Reece_MC






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