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This review is written after using the cheat in the new Loader and update.


Overall Rating = 9/10


First-off, GREAT JOB Chod and the rest of the team. The cheat really works well and just "feels great" when using it. The only reason why the rating is 9/10 is due to limited features in the current beta version which will improve with future updates. The new menu layout is great and works well! Down to the nuts and bolts;


Aimbot = 9/10

  • It just "feels" good and locks on well to targets.
  • I use different weapons and it all worked well.
  • Bone selection in future updates would make this even better!


Visuals = 9/10

  • I know that there would be many of you wanting more options for Loot ESP and selecting weapons/items you want.
  • The basics of ESP in the current version is awesome.
  • The glow feature works well and is something I really like.


Due to the cheat being in beta I am not going to list my wishlist for it as I think all off those features will be added in the future!


In conclusion: I know that the whole team here works hard to provide us with a safe cheat and you seldomly get the recognition you deserve. If this is what the future of your product will hold I am definitely exited to be a user and supporter! Thank you again and keep up the great work!



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