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almost a year without an introduction xD


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Hey everyone it has been a rather long time, February  was actually my last post on the forums (aside from the shout box) but it has occurred to me that despite having first joined the community just about a year ago I never actually introduced myself to you all


I go by Kalivans in this community and have used both the EFT cheese and CS:GO cheese with both working wonderfully and suiting my needs perfectly I wrote a review for EFT back in the day and casually give advice to people trying to troubleshoot problems in the shout box however i'm probably not known to many due to my lack of posts but now that I have returned i'm going to try harder to be more apart of this community in that regard


I look forward to cheesing it up with you guys in the future and am extremely excited to see what the restructured cheese is going to be like


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