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Losing the 'faith'


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Hi. I don't want to create another "Are we there yet" thread. Instead i'd like to ask the Head Honcho's about refunds. 

Now i know i'm sure that in the ToS or Policies when i ticked i agree there was a part that said i was not entitled to jack shit once i paid.

However i don't truly think this is how Chod and the team operates and i'm curious about what the response is to a potential refund.

I want to be clear i'm not asking for a refund.... yet. However as time drags on i do become increasingly doubtful about any kind of 2019 release.


Would Chods-Cheats Honour refunds for those customers who request one?


Thank you for your time.

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Hey, you will be compensated when everything is built. Please be patient as it shouldn't take much longer for cheats to get released again.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: We will only offer a refund if you're having technical issues getting the program to run on your computer and we are unable to resolve it for you. If you get banned or decide you don't like it we will not offer a refund -- however, we will deal this case-by-case. (Vip cheats are not included)
If you get banned we can also offer a subscription switch once.

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