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Loyalty and Dependability


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Allow me to preface this with three statements:

  1. I don't have a ton of money to burn every month after bills and school.
  2. I have tried quite a few cheese providers.
  3. I have been with Chod for over a year.


And can I just say that there is a reason for that. It is because the group that is here working day after day to produce, and maintain cheese are a great group. The moderators who keep this website secure and make sure it's a good community are great. Chod and his staff are truly providing a stellar service and after being with them for so long, I know this. That is why when updates come out and the cheese go down temporarily, I'm never worried. I don't complain and moan about the time I paid for. I know I'm going to get my time, and it will be when they believe the cheese is safe to use. That's so we are all getting our monies worth. 


With all the cheese going down a little while ago, I still wasn't worried. They've could've cut their losses and said "oh well. These updates are too much work and we can't work around them." But no, they are still dedicated to recreating the cheese and tools we want to use. Despite how difficult it is. Despite how much time it is taking. Despite all the complaining going around and all the people asking the same questions 10,000 times. They are still dedicated to their service and to this community. That is how you know, they are an amazingly dependable group of people. And I'm not just talking about the coders and testers working on the cheese. The mods who are taking care of the community and the Forum and Discord are doing a fantastic job and service as well.


I know this is really long winded and chances are nobody is gonna read this all the way through or even take these words to heart. But if you take anything away from this, it should be one thing. In fact, one thing I want to say to the staff and one thing I want to say to my fellow community members. To my fellows, guys & gals, we will have our cheese again and it will be better than ever. We will get our time back. All they are asking for is a little patience from us, so they have the time to do what they need to, to make us all happy in the end. To the amazing Staff, thank you for everything you all do. Honestly, you all are fantastic and you've earned a loyal customer in me. Hopefully, in many others well.


TLDR; Let Papa Chod do his thing. Stop stressing Uncle Faceless and IdiotGuy. And be thankful to all the hard workers behind the scenes and in your faces.

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