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EFT gets BattleEye Anticheat


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So as it got confirmed on reddit, the game gets a new anticheat. It will drop with update 0.12 as i think. Is now the time to stop cheating? Will the cheat still be useable after the patch?

Can someone clarify it for me, the update could drop every time.




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Well yes the wipe can come every time. Most of the time they make an event an week earlyer but normally they make no real announcment and if the cheat will work depends on chod if he feels abel to beat battel eye.

And i dont think you have to stop cheating for this wipe but probaply when the new version is out.

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Hey so I used the Escape From Tarkov Cheat and personally I feel that the coding experience that Chod is well able to beat battle eye after all EFT used an in-house cheat program that no one knew how to circumvent and knew what triggered it. Chod found a way around it and managed to remain mostly undetected id say about 99.95% of the time its been available. 

to answer your question " Is now the time to stop cheating" that is something you have to ask yourself right off the back you know what you signed up for the second you bought it. I personally would say keep cheating to your hearts content. if your scared to be banned maybe cheating isn't for you. I understand you don't want to waste money on a game and get banned seconds after spending money for the game and the cheat. 


I trust chod with my HWID, Ip address, Mac address, and game accounts. I've only been banned once in the years i've been cheating since finding chods. I wouldn't worry about my account knowing chods is the coder. 


"Will the cheat be usable after the patch?" I can't say for sure since I'm not a staff member but Chod's has a refund policy in place if they were to stop making the EFT Cheat otherwise you may get a refund or you may get to switch your subscription to another game. 


TL:DR I trust chod, I trust his team, I trust his service and I would continue cheating even after the new update knowing the risks. 


Hopefully that helps you decide!



*UPDATED August 13th 2019 2:00 Pm EST*

Faceless has posted a explanation on whats happening for EFT


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6 hours ago, jjo23uk said:

so I cant see the info regarding the battleye being added due to not having a active sub (it ran out yesterday) but im reluctant to sign back up without the facts


all Faceless says in that thread is that the cheat will be going down but should be coming back and that they want to try and keep it public but they dont rule out going private as an option

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